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The Future Guide Road-Map

Purpose: Teaching and Research, education for business, jobs and professions. An introductory road-map to “Online Open Learning” resources. Page banners and links lead to publicly offered subjects and research references in support of independent learning, and do not indicate approval, accuracy or endorsement of the contents.

This site is organized and intended to be a portal to sources of knowledge and fun to use in a wide array of subject areas. As national and international issues change, this site may follow and modify the organized style and design to highlight them, resulting in an increasing number of options.

Initially, the primary social media (program platforms and applications) utilized are:

WordPress Review

Easily the most accessible and possibly the most commonly used content management system (CMS).

The strength of WordPress is in its quick installation and the massive user and developer community.

This versatility results in a vast array of plugins and enhancements for the platform.

Therefore, WordPress is the underlying “program” which additional social media “applications” will become an integral part of. (2015 Gartner CMS Report) Also review: WordPress Com and WordPress Org

Twitter Review:

Twitter has become a social networking resource for getting real-time news and connecting with high profile individuals and celebrities.

Twitter is used extensively throughout, providing scrolling streams of tweets via the application search function. Twitter has changed dramatically over the years, becoming a top source for real-time news sharing. (about tech)

For a micro-blogging site with a 140-character text limit, Twitter has made its mark online. It’s an ideal platform for mobile users, and Twitter Card integration makes it easy to share multimedia content in tweets.

Also review: Twitter.Com

Twitter is a remarkable service, as it provides open access to all writers, amateur and professional alike. Additionally, it provides a forum for advertising and promotion on a minimal budget. As users become experienced in using the service, they will become more proficient and exacting, as a matter of pride.

Forward Comments:

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